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Saluki Cares


Your overall well-being, experience, and success as a student here at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is important to us, and we want to help you get the care, referrals, and answers you seek.


Saluki Cares facilitates and coordinates a University-wide program of care and support for students in distress. By working closely with faculty, staff, students and their families, SIU Carbondale displays a culture of caring by demonstrating to our students and families that they are an important part of the community.

Saluki Cares is an early alert initiative composed of professionals from different areas of campus life who work with students on a regular basis: Academic units, Dean of Students, New Student Programs, Center for International Education, University Housing, Wellness Center, and others. Referrals are made from faculty, staff, family members, peers, or by the student him/herself.


If you received a letter regarding assistance from CRSSA and wish to apply, please use the link contained in the email you received.

The Saluki Cares Emergency Fund was created by the Dean of Students Office with support from the SIU Foundation to assist Southern Illinois University Carbondale students with an unforeseen financial emergency or catastrophic event which may prevent them from continuing their education at SIU.

The Saluki Cares Emergency Fund will offer financial assistance in the form of one-time awards (up to, but not exceeding $500). Please note that financial awards cannot be issued to students in the form of cash payments.  Awards will be directed to a rental agency/landlord, utility company, or other business entities.

Expenses considered for coverage:

  • Overdue rent and utilities (i.e. eviction notice, utility disconnection notice)
  • Medical, dental, or mental health emergencies
  • Replacement of belongings lost in a fire or natural disaster
  • Safety related needs (i.e. changing locks, short term emergency shelter)
  • Travel related to the death of an immediate family member

Expenses not considered for coverage:

  • Tuition and fees
  • University Housing expenses
  • Health insurance
  • Credit card expenses
  • Parking tickets and other fines
  • Costs for entertainment, recreation, and non-emergency travel
  • Other non-essential expenses (i.e. cable bill, cell phone bill)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be enrolled as a full-time, undergraduate student
  • Must be attending classes on the Carbondale campus (cannot be web-based or distance learning)
  • Must be in Good Academic Standing with an Institutional GPA of 2.0 or greater
  • Must not have current sanctions from Student Rights & Responsibilities
  • Applicants must not have already received assistance from the Saluki Cares Emergency Fund.
  • Applicants must provide documentation of their financial hardship. (Supporting documentation may include current copies of bills, receipts, legal notices, etc.) Additional documentation may be required upon review of the application.
  • Prior to consideration for emergency funds, students must have utilized all eligible aid programs.
  • The online application must be fully completed and submitted to the Office of the Dean of Students for consideration.

How to Apply

  • Complete the online application form, upload supporting documentation and submit to the Dean of Students Office.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the Dean of Students Office. You may be may be asked to provide more or missing information from your application.
  • You will be contacted via e-mail once a decision has been made regarding your application.

Online Application Form.