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The primary goal of the Student Ombudsperson is to provide students impartial and informal consultation in assisting with the possible resolution of University related concerns and issues. The Student Ombudsperson is a resource for students in navigating the University while seeking resolution to individual student concerns. The Student Ombudsperson is a designated administrator who is trained and skilled in interpersonal communication, problem solving, and conflict management.

The Student Ombudsperson can:

  • Listen to your complaint
  • Clarify and explain University policy
  • Assist with unresolved problems
  • Informally look into your complaint if you desire
  • Assist with referrals to professionals who can address your concern
  • Help define resources and options available to you
  • Facilitate conversations
  • Offer a SAFE place to discuss your concerns

The Student Ombudsperson can help you define your goals as it relates to your concern, explore options for resolving your concern, discuss and provide resources and listen and recommend next steps. The Student Ombudsperson strives for impartiality and objectivity in working with students and the consideration of issues. The Student Ombudsperson serves as a listening post for concerns and brings them to the attention of the Dean of Students. 

What the Ombudsperson does not do: 

  • Conduct formal investigations 
  • Advocate for a particular outcome 
  • Advocate for individuals or take sides 
  • Give legal advice 
  • Make or overturn academic/administrative decisions, including grade changes
  • Establish, change, or eliminate policies and procedures   
  • Participate or testify in formal procedures including legal proceedings 
  • Offer psychological counseling
  • Disclose confidential information, except for an imminent risk of harm to the University Community or as required by laws of Title IX and gender-based violence situations

For more information you can email Lanel Love, the Student Ombudsperson, at or by telephone, 618-453-6882. To schedule a meeting, please complete the intake form

Dr. Love is the Assistant Dean of Students, in which she assists students with a broad range of issues including understanding and following university policies and procedures, learning about, and connecting students to resources, and managing crisis with impede students’ academic success. Dr. Love received her Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Careers, her Master of Science degree in Education and her Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership.     

Dr. Love has fifteen (15) years of experience in higher education as a program assistant, program coordinator, and assistant director. She currently develops, manages, and supervises the First Saluki Center and has professional experience in program development, human resources, policy and procedures, fiscal management, curriculum development, operations management, student success, recruitment and retention, and diversity and inclusion. Dr. Love has received the 2021 staff excellence award because of her contributions to furthering the mission of the University and the NASPA 2021 silver excellence award in first-generation student success.